Change Management & Artificial Intelligence

Change is unavoidable in a world in constant evolution. In addition, the nature of change includes also the emergence of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence. The emergence of these new technologies disrupt our world: the way we live, we work and thus raise a lot of questions. Inherently, society perceives these evolutions as threat more than as an opportunity. These new trends mean plenty of challenges for companies to embrace these new technologies, and especially in terms of change management: obtain the adhesion of their employees, and eventually follow –and create – the evolution.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) appeared in 1950s with John MacCarthy. Artificial Intelligence could be defined as “set of theories and techniques used to produce machines capable of simulating human intelligence”[1]. Although controversial, this new technology becomes ever more a reality and transforms our manner of working. 31% of companies have Artificial Intelligence project on the agenda for the next 12 months[2]. Indeed, in 72% of case, leaders identify Artificial Intelligence as key for the development their companies in the future[3].