Should project managers be afraid of artificial intelligence ?

Project management ArtificiaI Intelligence (AI) is an integrated system that can administrate projects without requiring human input. Using the power of artificial intelligence, bots will not only be able to automate tasks, but can also offer process recommendations, unveil team insights, and even make project decisions.

For example, technology exists or will exist in the near future that has the ability to:

  • Match the right resource to the right role.
  • Automatically reduce individual idle time.
  • Create an ecosystem for knowledge management.
  • Foster a safe environment.
  • Deliver untiring objectivity and vigilance.

Of course, there is not one system that integrates all of these features yet, but project managers, regardless of industry, will undoubtedly encounter these job-changing project management AI benefits.

Read the complete white paper « Should Project Managers Be Afraid of Artificial Intelligence ? » by Sandy Everaerts & Geoffrey Laloux, consultants at Initio