Transformation publique : le moment est-il enfin venu ?

Les Echos – le 26 août 2020 :

La création en juillet d’un ministère de la Transformation et de la Fonction publique affranchi de la tutelle de Bercy est un signal fort. Il faut maintenant transformer cette ambition en actes, écrit Arnaud Frémont.

Le gouvernement s’apprête-il enfin à agir en profondeur sur la transformation publique ? Le 6 juillet 2020, la députée LREM de l’Essonne Amélie de Montchalin a été nommée ministre de la Transformation et de la Fonction publique.

The Agile Invasion

The Agile Invasion

Agile project approach is hot. And this is not a surprise, it guarantees in a swift way – and with lesser costs – a minimum viable product. Focus is not on the destination (delivery of a desirable/minimum viable product), but on the journey to this desirable product.

Agile tends to avoid losing time & effort in preparing complex plans & expensive budget forecasts too much in advance, as requirements are likely to be altered during sprints, and short iteration with quick delivery of added value is key. Self-organizing Agile teams work in short sprints and continuously deliver smaller parts, so that you can anticipate a changing environment. The key question during this journey is: which smart things can we pick up in order to arrive earlier at our destination?

Agile developers do not waste time on preparing of large & complex architecture documents and functional designs, which are seldom consulted afterwards. These developers move fast and agile and arrive at their destination faster.