Why do Projects Fail ?

A project failure can be considered as project that has not delivered its required expectations. In case the project can meet both the business ambitions and all stakeholder requirements, then it can be considered as a success.

However, in reality, expectations of the customers and stakeholders keep on changing constantly, inhibiting the project team to deal with issues and to achieve project goals. But the question is why do project fail? Project failure occurs if the projects are late, crossed their budget, does not deliver the business value as expected or deliver the wrong product.

A failing project is one with severe slippage in schedule, budget, or quality. The reasons for project failure refer to the lack of presence of success factors for the project. We refer hereunder to the top reasons for the project failure to answer the question why a project fails. In addition, the Catalogue of Catastrophe provides a database of samples that can serve as a platform for discussing the causes of project failure together with an official listing of 8 categories for common project failures. Afterwards we deep-dive in the different layers of project failure and as conclusion we elaborate on how to eliminate or overcome project failure.